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Black Gold

Another early school day for me!

After weeks of agonizing and changing my mind too many times to count, I decided to do my Master’s dissertation on fair trade coffee. Fair trade has always been an interest for me, though not completely comprehensible until recently. I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer at Ten Thousand Villages for a year at their Chicago location and learn the basics and beginnings of the movement. Coffee is one of the most important commodities in the world and with almost every international agenda involving some sort of development discussion, fair trade is definitely a relevant topic. This documentary came up in my search and I would high reccomend it for anyone interested in Ethiopia, global trade or just a fellow latte lover.

“As westerners revel in designer lattes and cappuccinos, impoverished Ethiopian coffee growers suffer the bitter taste of injustice. In this eye-opening exposé of the multi-billion dollar industry, Black Gold traces one mans fight for a fair price.” via Home Page | Black Gold Movie.


Found this cute little video in my Facebook feed today and had to share!

Enemas aside, I think this video is a great resource to pro-coffee drinkers fighting the naysayers. Of course I can function without it – I’ve done it many times before – but why would I want to? I can also function properly without leaving my house, but why would I want to live that?

Besides being addicted to Starbucks, one of my favorite things to do when exploring a new neighborhood, or a new city altogether, is to make a Coffee Bucket List. It’s not only a great way to see the nooks and crannies of any metropolis, but it also gives you a chance to taste the different varieties and methods of brewing and crafting this global beverage.

After seven years in Chicago, there’s still more than a handful of places I have yet to visit and more keep opening up! There’s always tomorrow, right?

What would you add to a Chicago Coffee Bucket List?