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Ryn Weaver

Shortly before starting work on her debut album, Ryn Weaver chanced upon an image of the tarot card The Fool: a man optimistically walking off a cliff. So when the California-bred, New York City-based 22-year-old started shaping the songs that would make up her debut, she decided to capture the spirit of that image and use her dreamy lyricism to spin a story of her own wanderings. – The Magic Bag

“So much of my album has to do with running away and refusing to settle in one place…It’s about the good and the bad of going out on your own.”

George Ezra

I’m finally settled in. It’s been two weeks and even though I’m nearly flat broke and overdosing on pan and vino everyday…I have a bank account, I have an apartment, I have a home. My heart will always be on the other side of the pond but every day I feel more and more Spanish.